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Fathoms Below

A group of college students protect their friend who happens to be a mermaid from an evil biology professor.

Producers: Mya Stengel, Julia Stitely & Melanie Kardos

Sink or Swim

Syd, Freddie and Robin decide to join forces to find where Hawthorne has taken Kai before Hawthorne exposes her.

Caught in the Undertow

Returning back from break, Kai wonders why Robin hasn’t talked to her over break. Syd and Freddie investigate the man they keep seeing around campus.

Tis the Sea-Son

As thanksgiving break approaches, Freddie hatches a plan with Syd to give Kai her own thanksgiving to cheer her up. Kai and Robin become closer but Hawthorne might tear them apart.

I Sea You

As Kai becomes more homesick, Syd hatches an idea to help but her plan is interrupted. Meanwhile, Hawthrone gets closer and closer to the truth.

Hook Line and Sinker

Things heat up for our young mermaid Kai as she faces the reality of her choices. With her secret now not being just up to her to keep, she will need to double down and figure out how to balance her two lives.

Fish Out of Water

Sheltered teenager, Kai, decides to take her life into her own hands when she goes to colleges. However things don’t go quite to plan as Kai has a secret that could end up ruining her chances at living a normal life.