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Airing the Dirty Laundry

Episode 103 - Fall 2016

Brain tells Scott about Gem’s relationship troubles, when Vikki comes by and is pleased to see Brain has stood up Nikki. Nikki and Emerson have an interesting meal which leads to a newfound love connection. Scott confronts Gem and makes her a rather indecent proposal. Vikki wakes up in a hotel room and finds a…

Dry Cleaning

Episode 102 - Fall 2016

Gem, distraught after receiving troubling relationship news leaves the Jackson house. Brain stumbles upon Nikki and Eloise and asks Nikki on a date. Rowland decides which daughter will gain the inheritance easier. Emerson calls Brain and rearranges his plans for his date with Nikki. Brain finds Gem in the cafĂ© and she tells him her…

Rinse Cycle

Episode 101 - Fall 2016

Brain, Gem, and Eloise discuss the Jackson family fortune that is up for grabs. Scott gives Nikki an assignment he wrote from Vikki, in hopes of gaining a date. Vikki visits Rowland and lies to him about Nikki’s sexual orientation, which makes Rowland’s proud. Gem receives a text from Emerson.