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Cast and Crew

Producer: Emily Krakowski
Producer: Eric Fakharzadeh
Director: Pete Holzknecht
Technical Director: Will Gregg
Assistant Director: Gabby Hendrix
Audio: Erin Doran
Clipstore: Samantha Owney
Teleprompter: Taryn Falkenstein
Floor Manager: Jackson Donaldson
Camera 1: Shoshana Bedrosian
Camera 2: Samuel Dickson
Production Assistant: Jeff Chan
Production Assistant: Rachel Madowitz
Production Assistant: Finn McMillan
Lighting Director: Brendan Bequette
Editor: Emily Powers
Host/Anchor: Rachel Beresin
Field Production Assistant: Alexa Dargis
Field Production Assistant: Darien Guy

"The Screening Room" is ICTV's long-running movie review show. Each week, two reviewers critique and give their grades to recently released Hollywood films, as well as their DVD recommendations. So be sure to sit back, relax, and butter up that popcorn...because you're about to enter "The Screening Room."


Wednesdays at 9:30 pm (Live)