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ICTV in The Director’s Chair

Episode 1108 - Fall 2015

The Director’s Chair switches positions for their last special episode. Producers Joseph Calinda and Meredith Stroud are guests.


Who are these Hosts?

Episode 1107 - Fall 2015

Rachel and Patrick are not here for today’s show. So we have temporary hosts here today to talk about todays movies: My All American, The 33, and Love The Coopers


Everest, Scorch Trials, & Black Mass

Episode 1101 - Fall 2015

New Season, New hosts, and new movies to review this week! Today we take a look at guys climb Mt Everest, the next installment in the Maze Runner series, and Johnny Depp is killing it, so to speak.

"The Screening Room" is ICTV's long-running movie review show. Each week, two reviewers critique and give their grades to recently released Hollywood films, as well as their DVD recommendations. So be sure to sit back, relax, and butter up that popcorn...because you're about to enter "The Screening Room."

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