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Age of Infinity War

Episode 1610 - Spring 2018

With the newest Avengers movie out in theatres, Frank and Rob take a look back at the entire series thus far.


TV Special

Episode 1608 - Spring 2018

This week we take a break from the movies to look at seasons of your favorite TV shows.


A Quiet Miracle Blocker

Episode 1607 - Spring 2018

This week, Frank and Rob talk about their relationship issues while discussing A Quiet Place and Blockers. And New at Home Host Val DiGloria steps in to talk about The Miracle Season.


Tyler Perry’s Isle of Players

Episode 1606 - Spring 2018

On this week’s episode, Frank and Rob review Tyler Perry’s Acrimony and Isle of Dogs; featuring special guest Nicole Pimental for a review of Ready Player One.


Simon’s Pacific Tomb

Episode 1605 - Spring 2018

Join Frank and Rob this week for their input on Tomb Raider and Pacific Rim: Uprising. Featuring a special guest for the review of Love, Simon!


Oscar Night 2018

Episode 1602 - Spring 2018

On this week’s special episode, Frank and Rob review Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, The Shape of Water, and Lady Bird. Watch and see what they have to say about these great Oscar nominees! Woop


Holiday Special

Episode 1509 - Fall 2017

On this special episode of TSR we drive into our holiday favorites like Home Along, Polar Express, 8 Crazy Nights and Elf

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