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Cast and Crew

Producer: Meredith Stroud
Producer: Daniel Kustin
Producer: Sarah Fielman
Director: Myra Rivera
Technical Director: Danielle Calder
Assistant Director: Addison Rollieri
Audio: Xavier Gonzalez
Chyron: Sonya Gattus
Clipstore: Mariah Riccardi
Teleprompter: Gabby Hurlburt
Floor Manager: Sam DiFalco
Camera 1: Amy Jacobson
Camera 2: Sydney Roof
Camera 3: Aria Collins
Camera 4/Jib: Dana Fazziola
Production Assistant: Sean Camillo
Production Assistant: Maribel Bermundez
Production Assistant: Megan Trapani
Assistant Producer: Addison Rolleri
Assistant Producer: Danielle Calder
Lighting Director: Brenden Bequette
Lighting Assistant: Bret Young
Editor: Franny Bernstein
Host/Anchor: Carla Tilghman
Head Writer: Erin Berch

The Director's Chair is ICTV's only show for everything about student filmmaking. Get the latest news, meet the crews, and watch exclusive behind-the-scenes look at student productions. You're in "The Director's Chair".