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That Other Cup Show

Episode 506 - Fall 2017

This week the gang learns to cup stack and tell and the news.

That Other Halloween Show, Pt.5

Episode 505 - Fall 2017

This week the gang tries to celebrate halloween and deliver groundbreaking news, they would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling kids.

That Other Betrayal Show

Episode 504 - Fall 2017

With so much of the cast missing this week, the Gang can’t help but feel betrayed, but that doesn’t stop them from delivering the news.

That Other Pee Show

Episode 502 - Fall 2017

This week the gang delivers some news, predicts the weather, and includes some highbrow pee jokes as well.

That Other Prison Break

Episode 501 - Fall 2017

Season 5 premiere. This week the gang discovers their target demographic. Here is a hint, They wear orange and can’t vote.

That Other Political Episode

Episode 407 - Spring 2017

Cole makes his triumphant return to talk about Bernie Sanders new podcast. There is also a ton of political news that we just can’t seem to focus on, so we talked about airlines messing up instead.

That Other Fake News Show

Episode 406 - Spring 2017

This episode we sat down with the ever so proper, Karen Pence. We discussed how Pepsi is fixing social issues and our coverage of Wrestlemania 33

That Other Puppet Show

Episode 405 - Spring 2017

This week we tackle the issue of puppets and their role in our society. Trump is up to something again, surprisingly, and the disease of March Madness continues to sweep the nation.

That Other Cat Show

Episode 404 - Spring 2017

A “heroic” cat stops by the studio to talk about how he saved his owners lives. We also give our audience a warning about a new disease called “March Madness”