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So You Think You Know Sports?

Teams test their sports knowledge for ultimate glory

Producers: Brian O'Donnell, Jeremy Goldstein & Noah Scott

Finals Leg 1

We have made it to the finals! In this closely fought affair Steve and AJ go head to head with Brandon and Evan in the first of two legs of the finals to determine the ultimate sports knowledge champions.

Finals Leg 2

It all comes down to this. After a hard fought first leg, Steve and AJ hold a slim lead over Brandon and Evan coming into this final matchup. With the teams separated by just a few points and everything left to play for in this round, who will be crowned sports trivia champions here on…
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Finals Leg 1

We have made it to the finals! In the first of two final legs, #3 seed Brandon and Evan take on #4 seed Steve and AJ as both teams will attempt to get the upper hand before the final matchup of the tournament.

Jack and David vs Steve and AJ

A semifinal matchup for the ages as the #1 seed battles it out vs the #4 seed for a spot in the final. Will Jack and David make it back to the finals this semester? Watch to find out!

Sam and Spencer vs Evan and Brandon

The second semifinal matchup between the #2 seed Sam and Spencer and the #3 seed Evan and Brandon. The winner goes on to face the #4 seed Steve and AJ in the finals.

Sam and Spencer vs Michael and Michael

An enticing matchup between the #2 and #7 seed with a trip to the semi-finals on the line. The winner of this matchup will go on to face #3 seed Brandon and Evan.

Brandon and Evan vs Brennan and John

In one of the closest matchups we’ve seen on this show, the two teams battle to the wire for their spot in the quarter finals. In an episode where every question matters, which team will take the next step towards ultimate sports knowledge glory?

Steve and AJ vs Leo and Matt

AJ Mule and his teammate Steve Durr (filling in for Luke Bugoni), take on Leo Weber and Matt Kane in the second episode of the season. With the start of the NHL, NBA, and MLB playoffs, these teams battle it out to earn a spot in the quarterfinals.

Jack and David vs Dean and Matt

Last semester’s champion, Jack Powers, along with finalist David Lilian, take on newcomers Dean Gutic and Matt Sosler in the first sports trivia battle of the season. Host Jake Shelley takes the podium for the first time, fresh off last semester’s victory, all in the first step towards crowning this season’s champion.

Final Leg 2 – Jack/Jake vs. David/Luke

The stage is set for the second leg of this season’s finale with Jack Powers and Jake Shelley coming into the show with a slight edge over freshman sensations, David Lilian and Luke Bugoni. With this show having the possibility to be a true toss-up, we are left wondering…who will take home the ultimate prize?…
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