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LATEST SomethingFunny_208_STILL

Something Meaty

Episode 208 - Spring 2017

Learn how to stop bad breath, search for the prince of your dreams, and be indecisive about meat consumption on the season finale of Something Funny!


Something Monarchy

Episode 207 - Spring 2017

Save your wife from a dragon, learn how to play chess, and respect the sauce on this episode of Something Funny!


Something Missing

Episode 206 - Spring 2017

Nonchalantly resist arrest, vacuum those dirty carpets, and stare blankly into the camera on this episode of Something Funny that just went missing… not really, April Fools!


Something Sweet and Spicy

Episode 205 - Spring 2017

Become paralyzed from the neck down, hear some bad news, and tell people they smell nice on this exciting episode of Something Funny!


Something Dubby

Episode 204 - Spring 2017

Get out your fruit loops, watch a show from the 90s, and wait for your laundry to finish this week on Something Funny!


Something Sporty

Episode 203 - Spring 2017

Make a sandwich, fix a printer, and witness a musical tragedy on this fun and friendly episode of Something Funny!


Something Hairy

Episode 202 - Spring 2017

Feed the animals, try to save Frosty, and turn your hair purple on this gluten-free episode of the funniest show on ICTV!


Something Spaghetti

Episode 201 - Spring 2017

Put the lime in the coconut, survive the spaghetti apocalypse, and go gardening on the season premiere of Something Funny!


Something Lovely

Episode 104 - Fall 2016

Buy some new gum, win back the affection of your ex, and fend off your evil twin on the season finale of Something Funny!


Something Rave-y

Episode 103 - Fall 2016

Wait for the beat to drop, throw a house party, and go to the dentist in this episode of the funniest show on ICTV!


Something Spooky

Episode 102 - Fall 2016

Get mad at those pesky trick-or-treaters, repair a roof, and catch the candy thief on this episode of Something Funny! Uncredited music:

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