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LATEST SketchMe_504Still

Battle of the Journalists

Episode 504 - Fall 2017

ICTV’s Newswatch faces off against The Ithacan in a truly newsworthy game!


ICTV Sports Showdown

Episode 503 - Fall 2017

In this week’s episode two ICTV Sports shows, Big Red Face Off and Sports Final, face off in a very exciting game!


Butterfield Battle

Episode 502 - Fall 2017

Football faces off against the IC dance team in a competitive game that goes down to the wire!



Episode 408 - Spring 2017

ICTV takes on VIC in this week’s thrilling episode!


Varsity Face Off

Episode 404 - Spring 2017

In this week’s exciting episode, Ithaca College‚Äôs Men’s Lacrosse Team faces off against the Women’s Lacrosse Team!


Radio Rumble

Episode 403 - Spring 2017

In another thrilling episode Ithaca College’s two radio stations, V.I.C. and WICB, compete in a no hold bars show down.

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