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Our Crew

Director – Alex McKeen

Assistant Producer – Colin Holmes

Assistant Director – Amy Jacobson

Technical Director – Ethan Johanns

Technical Coordinator – Anthony Pizzo

Audio – Steven Stewart

Assistant Audio – David Petka

Chyron – Taryn Falkenstein

Clipstore – Samantha Marks

Teleprompter – Taylor Gearsbeck

Host – Ryan Schleifman

Announcer – Jordan Nitsch

Lighting Director – Garrett Garneau

Floor Manager – Katie Siple

Social Media – Lauren Carlson

Camera 1 – Cameron Bain

Camera 2 – Jessica Hauser

Camera 3 – Sahara Bebo

Production Assistant – Audrey Warner

Production Assistant – Lauren Chase

Production Assistant – Reid Simoncini

Production Assistant – Lily Spino

Production Assistant – Kyle Lauerman

Production Assistant – Noah Gordon

Preshow Producer – Aria Collins

Preshow host – Bryan Hultgren

Preshow host – Jackson Diianni

Talent Coordinator – Jessica Torres

Talent Coordinator – Rachel Natoli

Sketch Me If You Can! is ICTV's most creative game show! In this game where two groups release their inner artist, it's the contestant's job to figure out what is being drawn. The team with the most points at the end of the game is our winner! Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for even more behind the scenes action.