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Our Crew

The most artistic show to hit ICTV.

Director – Alex McKeen

Assistant Producer – Colin Holmes

Assistant Director – Amy Jacobson

Technical Director – Ethan Johanns

Technical Coordinator – Anthony Pizzo

Audio – Steven Stewart

Assistant Audio – David Petka

Chyron – Taryn Falkenstein

Clipstore – Samantha Marks

Teleprompter – Taylor Gearsbeck

Host – Ryan Schleifman

Announcer – Jordan Nitsch

Lighting Director – Garrett Garneau

Floor Manager – Katie Siple

Social Media – Lauren Carlson

Camera 1 – Cameron Bain

Camera 2 – Jessica Hauser

Camera 3 – Sahara Bebo

Production Assistant – Audrey Warner

Production Assistant – Lauren Chase

Production Assistant – Reid Simoncini

Production Assistant – Lily Spino

Production Assistant – Kyle Lauerman

Production Assistant – Noah Gordon

Preshow Producer – Aria Collins

Preshow host – Bryan Hultgren

Preshow host – Jackson Diianni

Talent Coordinator – Jessica Torres

Talent Coordinator – Rachel Natoli

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