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Battle of the Execs!!!

Episode 610 - Spring 2018

In our season six finale ICTV’s 2017-18 executive staff are up against the new regime executive staff 2018-19. Will the old guard reign supreme? Or will the new crew shine through?

How I Met Your RA

Episode 609 - Spring 2018

This week residents face off against their RAs! Will they gain the upper hand, or will all the door dec and bulletin board practice finally earn the RAs gold?

DKA Showdown!

Episode 608 - Spring 2018

This week we’re joined by DKA, IC’s professional cinematic society. It’s DeKAs vs DeKAs as new members face off against full members! Will these shinning new recruits surpass their mentors? Or will the wisdom of their older peers over take them?

Guiding the Nerdy

Episode 607 - Spring 2018

Another exciting episode of Sketch Me If You Can. This week IC Guiding Eyes faces off with IC Comic Book Club. The Comic gang has an ace up their sleeve in the form of an animation minor! Will the Comic Book Club and their expert knowledge of picture stories give them the upper hand or…

To Poodle a Puddle

Episode 606 - Spring 2018

This week Ground Up Crew faces IC Second Stage, it’s dancers verses actors in this epic midseason battle! What’s the difference between a puddle and a poodle? Just how bad is one team losing? Will the contestants ever learn Brian’s name?

Freshmen Take the Stage

Episode 604 - Spring 2018

This week on Sketch Me If You Can, IC’s First Year Cabaret faces off against the new a capella group on campus, The Accidentals!

ICTV Sports!

Episode 603 - Spring 2018

This week Bomber’s Live competes against So You Think You Know Sports in a nail biting episode!


Episode 602 - Spring 2018

In this week’s episode we have ICTV’s Blinded on the show! The producers take on the crew to see who can rack up the most points!

Sketch Me If You Can! is ICTV's most creative game show! In this game where two groups release their inner artist, it's the contestant's job to figure out what is being drawn. The team with the most points at the end of the game is our winner! Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for even more behind the scenes action.