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Animated Actors, Acting Animators

Episode 709 - Fall 2018

It’s Sketch Me If You Can’s season finale! And joining us on this last episode of the season is Theatrists Theatrics and Park Animated two new clubs on IC’s campus! Will the thespians pull a show stopper or will the animators sketch in a victory?

Sketch Me Rematch!

Episode 708 - Fall 2018

This week on Sketch Me If You Can two teams return to face-off once again with stick figures and doodles. Will IC Hillel take the lead or will IC Ping Pong team serve the win?

Women in Communications vs. Women in Computing

Episode 707 - Fall 2018

There are tricks as well as treats in this episode of Sketch Me If You Can! We were visited by two spooky ghosts and a wizard in the studio. This Halloween Special is hosted and announced by special guests Superman and a lifeguard.

Active Minds vs. Entertainment Exclusive

Episode 706 - Fall 2018

This week on Sketch Me If You Can Active Minds takes on Entertainment Exclusive! In one of your most closest, highest scoring games this season, will our contestants come to a draw? Who will scribble their way to the top?

Feminists United vs African Student Association

Episode 705 - Fall 2018

This week on Sketch Me, we are joined by two amazing clubs on campus: Feminists United and the African Student Association! Both groups do amazing work here on campus but who will win in this drawling duel?

Exec Staff vs. Exec Staff

Episode 703 - Fall 2018

This week 6 members of ICTV’s Executive staff face off in a battle of doodles. The Exec staff shovel from their recruitment night video makes a special guest appearance.

DKA vs Second Stage

Episode 702 - Fall 2018

Sketch Me is back again, and so is our host Matt Price! This week facing off is IC’s Second Stage and returners DKA Cinematic Society. Tune in to see who takes home gold, in this hilarious new episode!

Sunday Night Sports!

Episode 701 - Fall 2018

Starting off lucky season 7 are two of ICTV’s premiere sport shows: The GridIron Report and Big Red Face Off! See these Sunday sport shows face off in an epic Pictionary game only Sketch Me can provide!

Sketch Me If You Can! is ICTV's most creative game show! In this game where two groups release their inner artist, it's the contestant's job to figure out what is being drawn. The team with the most points at the end of the game is our winner! Be sure to check us out on Facebook and Twitter for even more behind the scenes action.