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Episode 609 - Uncategorized

Sautéed is here to help you all create some delicious dishes for the most important meal of the day, Breakfast!

Winter Comfort Food

Episode 608 - Fall 2017

Want to learn some quick and easy winter comfort food recipe’s with a twist? Our hosts Rose, Reece and Scotty are ready to share some yummy dishes and our food expert Zahra has some great tips that we know you love! To top it all off, our field host Charlie is here to share his…


Episode 607 - Fall 2017

Planning to celebrate Thanksgiving with your friends this year? Sautéed is here to share some delicious recipes that your friends are bound to love!

Picnic in the Park!

Episode 605 - Fall 2017

Looking forward to going out for picnic this fall but can’t seem to figure what food to make? Sautéed is here to help with two quick and easy recipes that we know you’ll love!


Episode 606 - Fall 2017

Want to find some delicious desserts that aren’t full of complicated steps or take forever?! Sautéed is here to help! Today we’ll be showing you all how to make two quick and easy recipes that all of your friends will enjoy! We also collaborated with Waffle Frolic this week so massive shoutout to them as…

Falling For Fall!

Episode 603 - Fall 2017

This week, Sautéed will be sharing with you all our guide to the Ithaca Apple Harvest Festival! And to top it all off, some yummy fall dishes like Pumpkin Turkey Chili and Warm Apple Fritters.

Farm To Table

Episode 602 - Fall 2017

Looking for a great way to get fresh produce? The Ithaca Farmers Market is the best place to go, and our hosts will be sharing some incredibly delicious farm-to-table meals!

Back to School Basics

Episode 601 - Fall 2017

It’s time to head back to school and Sautéed has all of the tips and tricks to help you with prepping your meals!

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