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April 14th, 2013

Episode 623 - Spring 2013

Updates on the Jamel Booker trial, a look ahead at the 2014 congressional races, and two brothers are cleared in a lottery scam case. That with weather and sports updates.

April 11th, 2013

Episode 622 - Spring 2013

The Ithaca Police Department issues a warning regarding car break ins, the SPCA of Tompkins County is called out by PETA, and a Horseheads woman is charged with attempted murder. That and weather updates.

April 9th, 2013

Episode 621 - Spring 2013

A local politician announces her run for congress, the trial for Jamel Booker begins, and gorge safety tips. That with sports and weather. .

April 7th, 2013

Episode 620 - Spring 2013

We were at Ithaca City Court for the arraignment of a Cornell wrestler charged with rape, Nate Silver comes to Ithaca, and a new complex has opened in Ithaca for homeless people. That and weather updates.

April 4th, 2013

Episode 619 - Spring 2013

We have the latest on a Cornell student charged with rape, a drug bust in Ithaca, and how the sequester will effect the Tompkins County Airport. That with weather and sports updates.

March 26th, 2013

Episode 615 - Spring 2013

An update on hydrilla eradication, how the sequester is effecting Tompkins County, and identity theft in Dryden. That with sports and weather updates

March 24th, 2013

Episode 614 - Spring 2013

How the Ithaca Regional Airport is responding to a major loss, and an inside look at Hopshire Bruery. That with weather updates, and a preview of Experts Say.

March 21st, 2013

Episode 613 - Spring 2013

The Tompkins County Legislature considers repealing the NY SAFE Act, and the opening of Ithaca’s newest family owned restaurant. That with weather and sports updates.

February 26th, 2013

Episode 607 - Spring 2013

We are at Cornell, while various fraternities are in hot water due to hazing. That with weather and sports updates.

February 26th, 2013

Episode 606 - Spring 2013

Syracuse lawyer Martin Rothschild is investigated for child pornography, how the sequester could effect Ithaca airport, and a family owned grocery store re-opens in Ithaca.

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