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Moving Forwards

Episode 105 - Spring 2017

Grace must make a big decision about her future. Jordan takes on a new role.

The Woods

Episode 104 - Spring 2017

Grace takes the new hires on a crazy training adventure. The new hires stir up a devious plan.

The Prodigy

Episode 103 - Spring 2017

The new hires start to shadow tours with Marcus. Someone from Grace’s past shows up to start trouble.

Training Day

Episode 102 - Spring 2017

Grace begins to train the new hire tour guides. Tensions rise as Grace and Jordan try to work together.


Episode 101 - Spring 2017

Star tour guide Grace gets into a terrible accident that changes her future forever.

“Misguided” is a scripted comedy show that follows Grace, a star college tour guide. She is involved in a tour accident that prevents her from walking backwards, forcing her to begrudgingly take on an administrative position instead. She is tasked with advising the new tour guide hires, trying to make them the best they can be to continue on her legacy.