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Dr. Seuss Week with Ithakids!

Episode 602 - Spring 2019

Ever hear of Oobleck? Well, this week on Ithakids we honor the children’s poem master, Dr. Seuss while making some poems of our own. Not only that, we have some fun guests that have a special surprise for us so make sure to tune in!

Step Into Spring with Ithakids!

Episode 601 - Spring 2019

Ever wonder why the month of February is so important? Ever hear of Step and wonder exactly what it is? No worries because this episode of Ithakids has got you covered. In this episode we learn the history of Black History Month and get to Step with a member of D.O.P.E Steppers of IC!

Sport Talk With Ithakids

Episode 508 - Fall 2018

Grab your sweatbands and tennis rackets! This week we talk about sports and interview Ithaca College baseball player, Matt Eiel! We also watch some wacky mashup sports that get us warmed up for obstacle course hangman!

Be A Trendsetter With Ithakids

Episode 507 - Fall 2018

Are you ready to become a trendsetter? This week we talk about why past trends go in and out of style and how it could have been marketed better to kids like us! We also play “The Whisper Challenge” where we will have to lip read some words and phrases having to do with past…

Spooky Season With Ithakids

Episode 506 - Fall 2018

Grab your witches hats and vampire fangs! This week we make some spooky Halloween treats and paint our own pumpkins. We also play trivia trick-or-treat that puts our Halloween knowledge to the test!

Ithakids Jump Into Cyberspace

Episode 505 - Fall 2018

Are you ready to explore the worldwide web with us? This week we interview two internet safety experts from the Ithaca College IT Department. We also play some cool virtual reality games that test our skills.

Ithakids Gets Down To Business

Episode 504 - Fall 2018

This week on Ithakids we talk about what it is like to be an entrepreneur with Purity owner, Heather Lane. We also put our business skills to the test by watching “Shark Tank” pitches.

Ithakids Meet a Kid Baker

Episode 503 - Fall 2018

Get your oven mitts and aprons on! This week we interview kid baker, Nina Colello and get to taste her delicious donut recipe! We also play a game that puts our tastebuds to the test.

Ithakids Gets Creative

Episode 502 - Fall 2018

Grab your paint brushes! This week we interview a professional artist, Gillian Pederson-Krag where we also put our painting skills to the test!

Back to School with Ithakids!

Episode 501 - Fall 2018

Get to class before the bell rings Ithakids is in session! This week we are exploring some do-it-yourself school supplies, interviewing college professors, and more.

Ithakids Looks Back

Episode 408 - Uncategorized

After four seasons of Ithakids, the kids and their producers look back and reflect on the show’s life over the past two years.

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