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When I Grow Up

Time to trade in our backpacks for briefcases because it’s Career Day on Ithakids! Not only is it Career Day, but it is also Bring Your Parents To Work Day. Tune in to watch us learn what the adult world is all about.

Ithakids Goes to the Syracuse Mets

Swing Batter Swing! Ithakids took a trip to Syracuse to watch the Mets take on the Pawtucket Red Sox. Tune in to watch us play games, learn Baseball terms and even interview a player!

Become Producers with us, Ithakids

Step aside KC and Erin because on this episode of Ithakids we are taking over. That’s right, us Ithakids are now the new Producers for the day and we will interview the Entertainment Director of ICTV, participate in a Park filled scavenger hunt and so much more!


Ever had stage fright? Or have someone forget their line? No worries because in this episode of Ithakids we learned how to Improv and we even interviewed a theatre student at Ithaca’s theatre school!

Dr. Seuss Week with Ithakids!

Ever hear of Oobleck? Well, this week on Ithakids we honor the children’s poem master, Dr. Seuss while making some poems of our own. Not only that, we have some fun guests that have a special surprise for us so make sure to tune in!

Step Into Spring with Ithakids!

Ever wonder why the month of February is so important? Ever hear of Step and wonder exactly what it is? No worries because this episode of Ithakids has got you covered. In this episode we learn the history of Black History Month and get to Step with a member of D.O.P.E Steppers of IC!