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Episode 106 - Fall 2017

For Meg Craig, it’s all about the mail. The only thing she cares about more than mail is her employees. Will her team realize how much they’ve grown in the span of a semester spent in the mailroom?


Episode 105 - Fall 2017

College is a big adjustment, and Sophie is struggling to adjust. Will she be able to come out of her shell and live her new life to the fullest?


Episode 104 - Fall 2017

Alex has had everything handed to him on a silver platter. His new job at the mailroom could be the perfect opportunity for him to grow up and get in touch with who he is and what he wants to do with his life.


Episode 103 - Fall 2017

Liam has never been interested in romantic love. But Jack and Sophie have the opposite mindset, and Liam is getting sick and tired of the constant PDA.


Episode 102 - Fall 2017

Riley is not looking to make new friends. As far as she is concerned, work is meant for work and nothing more. But Sophie has other plans and makes it her mission to make a new friend in Riley. Will Riley put her pride behind her and admit she does need a friend?


Episode 101 - Fall 2017

Jack and his peers are in for a mix up when the student employment office reassigns everyone to new on-campus jobs. Will Jack make it through his new assignment in the infamous mailroom, or does the mailroom have other plans for him?