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Episode 106 - Uncategorized

As tension builds between the group, Anya takes it into her own hands to stop the fighting. The party comes to a sudden halt and the gang says goodbye to each other for the final time as college students.


Episode 105 - Uncategorized

Stacy attempts to reconnect with her ex best friend Andrea, and her tragic past is revealed. Todd gets angry when Louis and Reid seem to bond especially well, and Anya finally learns the whereabouts of Joe Biden (her pet lizard).


Episode 104 - Uncategorized

Gavin goes on a hunt for the mischievous freshman who snuck into the party, and remembers his various failures as a non-varsity athlete. Gavin’s mysterious girlfriend Ingrid, finally makes an appearance.


Episode 103 - Uncategorized

Todd tries to figure out what his life is going to look like after college. Anya gets out the karaoke machine and chaos ensues.


Episode 102 - Uncategorized

Reid struggles to get the closure that she wants with Todd, and remembers the various ups and downs of their relationship. Stacy is upset when she finds out Anya invited her nemesis to the party.


Episode 101 - Uncategorized

The crew waits for their party guests to arrive however a few of them aren’t welcome. Louis remembers all the times his friends have taken advantage of him, despite the fact that this party is supposed to be for his birthday.

Good Company is a scripted web series which chronicles the antics of six college seniors during a party that could possibly be the last time they are all together before graduation. Louis, Gavin, Todd, Reid, Anya, and Stacy have very different personalities, and the relationships between them are complex, realistic, and (most importantly) humorous. And while they only have one more night together, they'll never forget their last four years.