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The Debates, Affirmative Action, and more!

Episode 505 - Fall 2012

Tonight, our contributors discuss the Presidential Debates, affirmative action, the cease fire in Columbia, and the movement for independence in Scotland.


Elections and Economics

Episode 506 - Fall 2012

As hurricane Sandy hits Ithaca, our contributors discuss the upcoming election, genetically modified food, giving prisoners in UK the right to vote, as well as economic assistance to third world countries


Timothy Dolan, Texas Laws

Episode 409 - Spring 2012

The panelists discuss Timothy Dolan’s resignation, Newt Gingrich’s debt, new Texas laws, and Saudi Arabian women in the Olympics.


Kony, Cuban Arrests, and more!

Episode 407 - Spring 2012

The panelists discuss Romney’s lack of opinions regarding Afghanistan, stricter teen driving laws, Kony 2012, and Cuban arrests prior to the Pope’s visit. -


Citizens United and the United Kingdom

Episode 403 - Spring 2012

The panelists discuss payroll tax, the Supreme Court’s decision to block Montana’s decisions regarding Citizens United, the UK and anti-terror information, and Iran’s cutting of France and Britain from oil exportation.


Season Finale

Episode 309 - Fall 2011

The final episode of Experts Say for the season features Mia O’Brien, Christine Shultz, Bridget Moore, and Jared Bessette-Kirton talking about what they think the was most important discussion of the season.

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