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LATEST 1801e16

Season 18 Premiere!

Episode 1801 - Fall 2015

Our brand new cast shares do’s and don’ts for fall fashion, the dangers of selfies and what movies to see this weekend.



Episode 1709 - Spring 2015

For our last episode of the season, our cast say their goodbyes as well as Aaron Hernandez to his loved ones. Not only that, but Pink says goodbye to her haters and of course many people try to say goodbye to Bieber. Find out all that, and much much more.


Fans go in-ZAYNE

Episode 1708 - Spring 2015

Celebrities are always thanking their fans for their support. But sometimes, fans go a little too far. One direction’s fans continue to freak out, Adam Levine calms down a fan who freakout on stage and even some fans even firing back at Meghan Trainor for her new music video. Find out all those things and…


¿The Unbreakable Bieber?

Episode 1707 - Spring 2015

So much has happened with the one and only Justin Bieber, catch up on your latest news on the biebs. But that isn’t it all, what is an episode without the Kardashians or someone sizzling in the hot seat. Find out that, and much much more


This episode is NUTS.

Episode 1706 - Spring 2015

Surprise guest host DJ Almond talks about his up and coming new music. Learn about his journey on the road to success. Not only does Ithaca student, Joel Almand heat up things on e16, find out all the hottest gossip and trends happening in the hollywood world.


A break from biebs? I do not ‘bieleb’

Episode 1704 - Spring 2015

We aren’t the only ones roasting celebs in our hot seat, Biebs sets his own fire by calling a celebrity roast for himself. What will get more attention.. his roast or all the gibber gabber about if the dress is blue or gold? Find out that, and much much more.


All about the Oscars!

Episode 1703 - Spring 2015

Special Episode bringing you a recap of the 87th Academy Awards, THE OSCARS! From winners to losers. From best dressed to worst, you will be filled in everything you need to know!


Motels and Mascara

Episode 1702 - Spring 2015

North west has a meltdown at the New York Fashion week, men are wearing mascara, Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian Duel it out on twitter and much much more!


50 shades of Kanye

Episode 1701 - Spring 2015

Find out about how Kanye almost pulled a Kanye at the Grammys….again. Explore the exotic world of Christian Grey and how Iggy Azalea will NO longer be ordering from Papa johns. Find out why, and much much more.


Faith, Family and Fashion

Episode 1609 - Fall 2014

On the season finale of E16, cast members bring you the latest Hollywood scoop for the last time. With facial fashion tips, a DIY for thanksgiving, the lastest scoop on the fresh prince if Bel-airs crazy heirs to his thrown and more!

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