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Return from Spring Break

Episode 1504 - Spring 2014

On this week of Entertainment16, Nicole gives us the gossip update on Chris Brown, Colin lets us know about an awesome new cop drama, and you’ll love to see who Alex is grilling in The Hot Seat. All that and more on this week of e16!


Oscars Special

Episode 1503 - Spring 2014

This week on Entertainment 16- Oscars , Oscars , and more Oscars! Fashionista Audra breaks down what was hot or not on the red carpet, Mackenzie talks about one of the best moment of the entire night, and Alex grills up the funniest moment of the night on the hot seat! All that and more…

Entertainment16_1310 Still

Switch Cast!

Episode 1310 - Spring 2013

Whose Line is it Anyway makes a comeback, Sporty and Baby Spice dig out their 90′s Spice Girls attire for a costume party, Catherine Zeta Jones checks into rehab, and much more!

Entertainment16_1309 Still

Season Finale!

Episode 1309 - Spring 2013

America’s sweetheart gets a little bit feisty with the po-po, what would Ryan Lochte do (hopefully NOT watch his own show), and much more tonight on E16!

Entertainment16_1308 Still

Kim K Court Drama

Episode 1308 - Spring 2013

The 72 day marriage has turned into the never ending marriage from hell! Also, check out our fresh new intro, and more of the hottest entertainment news tonight on E16.

Entertainment16_1307 Still

Taylor Swift and Prop 8

Episode 1307 - Spring 2013

Taylor makes “Swift” on the ACM red carpet, celebrities take to Twitter over Prop 8, and much more tonight on E16.

Entertainment16_1306 Still

Jimmy, J-Lo and Baby Sloths?

Episode 1306 - Spring 2013

Jimmy and J-Lo in a late night feud (Jay Leno that is), Kristen Bell finally had her baby (Spoiler alert: it was not a sloth), and much much more tonight on E16

E16_1305 Still

Kate Upton, Survivor and more!

Episode 1305 - Spring 2013

Coming up on E16: Kate Upton goes from Sports Illustrated to prom? Survivor has been renewed for its millennial…or 27th season, and so much more tonight, on E16.


Season 15 Premiere

Episode 1501 - Spring 2014

Music Guru Jay gives the scoop on U2’s newest project, Nicole reveals what Bradley Cooper did, or didn’t do during the White House State Dinner, and you will never guess who Alex has grillin in The Hot Seat. All that and more on this week of e16!

Entertainment16_1410 Still

British Music and the AMA’s

Episode 1410 - Fall 2013

Tonight on Entertainment16, Devin has a look at British music from old and new, Kristen picks her favorites from the AMA red carpet, and Lynzi has more than 1 person in The Hot Seat

Entertainment16_1406 Still


Episode 1406 - Fall 2013

Tonight on Entertainment16, the cast dons new personas in a halloween themed special.

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