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Under the Mistletoe

Episode 808 - Fall 2017

Don’t cry, but it’s our last episode of the season. Join John and Juliet in watching our final holiday-themed clash and see you next semester!

Super Roommates

Episode 806 - Fall 2017

Two sets of roommates face off in this week’s SUPER episode of Couple’s Clash.

The Love Bug

Episode 805 - Fall 2017

Got the post-Halloween bug? Cozy up under a blanket and catch these duos battle it out, friends vs. couple.

Romeo and Juliet

Episode 801 - Fall 2017

It’s Couples Clash’s Season 8 premiere! Join John and Juliet as they test the relationships of this week’s couples!

Season Finale

Episode 709 - Spring 2017

The test of true friendship will be tested on tonight’s show as our four friends battle it out in the last episode of the year! Do they know which animal is their friend’s favorite? Can they read each other’s lips? Know which movie they last watched together? Find out on tonight’s episode of Couples Clash.

Black Magic

Episode 708 - Spring 2017

These four contestants have their friendships tested in such a way that the only way anyone could possibly win is by magic. Can they really read one another’s minds? Is it crazy to think they can finish each other’s sentences? Watch this week’s spellbinding episode to find out.

So You Think You Know Me?

Episode 707 - Spring 2017

Two teams battle it out for this week’s prize. Which pair of roommates really knows one another the best? Dreamworks or Pixar? Night Owl or Morning Person? Which students will get fooled by fake celebrity news? We have all the right answers to all the right questions on this week’s Couples Clash.

Battle of the Buds

Episode 706 - Spring 2017

This week’s contestants battle it out to prove which team knows their bud the best. Since round one its anybody’s game, but only one can come out on top and win the prize!

Love You Like a Love Song

Episode 705 - Spring 2017

In a world where love conquers all, two couples go head to head and heart to heart in one of our closest battles yet. Can “Something Stupid” overcome their team name’s lack of creativity, or will the “Italian Stallions” keep them at bay?

Each week two teams of two will put their friendships and relationships to the test through knowledge-based and physical challenges as they battle it out for the grand prize!