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Cast and Crew

Producers: Jack Kempner, Jennie Arruda, Pat Pearce, Evan Kuh, Kat Snyder
Technical Directors: Chris Serrano, Jordan Johnson
Assistant Director: Matt Tonsic
Audio: Andrew Bain, Timothy Marotta
Assistant Audio: Noah Gordon, Catherine Fiore
Chyron: Matt Price, Emily Carmichael
Replay: Elly Veazey
Teleprompter: Billy Streleckis
Floor Manager: Katarina Sibley
Assistant Producers: Lucia Tepper, Sierra Guardiola, Anna Dejesus, Quinn Theobald

Bombers Live is your exclusive way to watch Ithaca College football, basketball and other sports. Don't miss a second of action when the Bombers are home, as we'll provide live coverage and in-depth analysis.


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