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ICTV Recruitment Night Spring 2014


Tonight is your chance to join the ICTV family! Come by Emerson Suites tonight at 7pm to sign up for one of our 15 different shows this semester. Productions this year includes:

  • News
    • Newswatch 16
    • On The Hill
    • Entertainment 16
    • Game Over
  • Sports
    • Sports Final
    • Bombers Live
    • Hold That Thought
    • Big Red Faceoff
  • Entertainment
    • Fake Out
    • Pop Quiz
    • The Director’s Chair
    • The Screening Room
  • Scripted Shows
    • On The Air
    • Staged
    • Working Title

We’re creating over 150 episodes of television this semester, so we need YOU to make it all happen. Whether you want to be in front or behind the camera, in the studio or on location, there’s opportunities for everyone. Come by tonight and join one of our award-winning shows and join the family behind the world’s first college television station.

If you can’t make it tonight, head over to our Resources page to download the Spring 2014 Monitor handout. It has contact information for every show and every producer. Shoot them an email with your contact information, interested positions, and previous media experience.



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