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Cast and Crew

Producers: Kayli DePinto, MJ Alfonso, Steven Churchill
Associate Producers: James Giordano, Tom McKane
Director: Steven Churchill
Technical Director: Tom McKane
Assistant Director: Tess Kneebone
Audio: Dylan Shepard
Teleprompter: Emma Herbst
Floor Manager: Kayli DePinto
Camera 1: Katie Mackrell
Camera 2: Quinten Hernandez
Camera 3: Madelynn Thompson
Production Assistants: Meaghan Batte, Kenny Lavery, Elizabeth Cady, Hayley Attia
Lighting Director: Ryan Maloney
Social Media: Ally Galaraga
Head Editor: Justin Li
Editors: Caleb Laubacher, Quinten Hernandez, Kenny Lavery, Desiree Tolchin, Jared Dobro, Kate Manning
Host/Anchor/Panelists: Ryan Valentin, Katie Jones
Field Team: Sabrina Chang, Quinten Hernandez, Justin Li, Nic Wands
Director of Photography: MJ Alfonso
Graphics: Hailey Schwartz, Chloe Levy
BTS Crew: Ally Galaraga