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The Runaway Train

Episode 106 - Working Title

Lucas and his crew finally attend the “Golden Bell Festival.” Everyone celebrates at a wrap party at Matt and Lilly’s house.

The Rough Cut

Episode 105 - Working Title

Lucas and Aaron edit their submission to the festival. Madeline attempts to draw a picture of Allegra for a poster.

Silence is Golden

Episode 103 - Working Title

Allegra joins the cast as lead actress. Matt and Lilly are tasked with a fundraising bake sale. Lucas, Madeline, Aaron, and Allegra go location scouting where tensions run high.

Slate Please

Episode 102 - Working Title

Aaron joins the crew. Lucas encounters his high school rival Benjamin and discovers that he is also entering the festival.

Development Hell

Episode 101 - Working Title

Madeline introduces Lucas to the camera crew that will be documenting the creation of his film for the “Golden Bell Festival.” Meanwhile Matt and Lilly attempt to get through a writing session with Lucas.

A mockumentary style web series on ICTV that follows a student film crew that enters a festival with the dream of taking home the legendary “Golden Bell Award.”

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