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The Director’s Chair Pilot

Episode 409 - TSRDC

TSR: Miami is growing up! This episode is an exclusive sneak peak at what’s to come next spring when TSRDC becomes “The Director’s Chair.” Not only are we screening our favorite student films, but we’re also bringing you the latest filmmaking news, tips and techniques, big shots in the industry, and much more!


Episode 408 - TSRDC

Join us with the season finale of The Screening Room: Director’s Corner as we screen “Lost in History,” a film exploring the need for an Asian American Studies program here at Ithaca College. Special thanks to the cast and crew of TSR:DC for a great semester! See you in the Spring!

I’ve got the Music in Me

Episode 407 - TSRDC

TSRDC gets musical as we look at Porchfest, a student-produced documentary about Ithaca’s local music scene, produced by Ithaca College Professor Gossa Tsegye. Later, we get down to Laura Butler’s music video “Intuition.”

Golden Doorknob Special

Episode 406 - TSRDC

The Golden Doorknob Competition have taken over as we look the 2011 winning films, including second place winner “Aisle Nine Cleanup,” Parkie 100 winner “Knobs Have Feelings Too,” and the overall winner, “Grogg.”


Episode 405 - TSRDC

In the Director’s Corner tonight is Aaron Rosen, with his short documentary about Ithaca College’s new Athletic and Events Center, made for IC’s award-winning newspaper, The Ithacan. Then, Brando is back with another great trailer: “The Expendables.” Finally, David Allen screens his own trailer remake, called, The Owl Network.

Earth, Wind, and Fire

Episode 404 - TSRDC

TSRDC invites Esther Katro from “The Ithacan” to share her work. She screens packages on team building by walking over fire, the difficulty of transporting water for impoverished people. Later, resident videographer Brando screens a trailer remake for the film: “Dinner for Schmucks.”

It Gets Better, Inception, and Newspaper Delivery

Episode 402 - TSRDC

This week we look at Ithaca College’s involvement of the Trevor Project with Rob Englesman’s “It Gets Better” video. Then we check out Brando Benetton’s trailer remake for Inception, and Kaitlin Firstbrooke’s documentary on the real life of newspaper delivery people.

Season Premiere

Episode 401 - TSRDC

Join The Screening Room: Director’s Corner as we watch Stephen Burke’s Golden Doorknob film, “The Audition.” Later, we check out a montage of work from special effects master Brando Benetton, and his remake of the trailer of “The Tourist.”


Episode 306 - TSRDC

Featuring several webisodes of Park Productions “Finger Lakes Uncorked!”


Episode 304 - TSRDC

Featuring a short film by Professor Andy Watts “Deathdealer: A Documentary.”

We show off the great work done within the Park School by featuring a variety of student productions and interviewing the filmmakers behind them.

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