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Episode 203 - To A Pulp

The King’s Grove sword goes missing, so Johnny and Kelsey investigate. The staffers crave to know who will be named the next Editor in Chief. Sam draws Britt and Paul as comic book heroes, and it goes right to their heads.

Mr. Lucas

Episode 202 - To A Pulp

The sports section and human interest section fight to cover the same story. Oliver and Sam need Claire to photograph two different events scheduled for the same time. Edwin’s sanity is threatened when he finds that he has no work.


Episode 201 - To A Pulp

Paul searches for a new writing partner. Oliver’s misuse of an entertainment magazine quiz drives Johnny and Kelsey apart. Sam vows to reunite them. Edwin and Claire battle for the Staffer of the Year Award.


Episode 103 - To A Pulp

Incited by a bet between Oliver and Tania, The Daily Pulp staff prepare for a poetry slam at the end of the week.

The Uprising

Episode 102 - To A Pulp

The Daily Pulp staffers go on strike, so it’s up to Alex to compile the entire newspaper by the Friday deadline.


Episode 101 - To A Pulp

The Daily Pulp Newsroom is sabotaged, and the editor in chief and investigative reporter team up to expose the double agent.

The student newspaper at Kings Grove College always gets done, but don’t ask how. To A Pulp follows the lives of the 10 Daily Pulp staffers on their adventures to meet the deadlines.

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