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Season Finale

Episode 104 - The Race

Which of the final three teams will come up with the right combination of brains, brawn and teamwork to defeat their competitors and win?  Find out, only on the season finale of THE RACE!

Leg 3

Episode 103 - The Race

The final four teams set off on leg 3 of The Race!  Teams ride carousels, meet a local celebrity, and search for a needle in a haystack…literally.  Which three teams will make it to the final leg?

Leg 2

Episode 102 - The Race

Five teams are left.  Watch them race through Letchworth State Park, whitewash fences Tom Sawyer-style in Elmira, and search for artifacts on Hiawatha Island.  Who will be eliminated next?

Series Premiere

Episode 101 - The Race

The 90-minute series premiere of THE RACE!  Six teams embark on a four day race across New York State.  Which teams will come up with the right strategy?  Who will flounder, and who will flourish?  And who will be the first team eliminated?  Find out, only on The Race!

The Race is a reality show that follows teams of two in a race across New York State! Along the way, contestants must complete challenges and navigate through New York’s most scenic locales, while facing cutthroat competition from other teams.

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