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The Pageant

Episode 104 - The Ivies

Paige must regain the respect and trust of her friends, all while competing in the final test of the initiation: a beauty pageant. Once Paige learns some vital information that could take down Serena and the group, she must decide which is more important to her: the story and her friends or her increasing popularity…

The Social Part 2

Episode 103 - The Ivies

Once Serena’s secret is spilled, she must convince Paige not to write the story. Cameron and Peter’s relationship is tested, and Carrie starts to question her own motivations for joining the group. Serena continues to mastermind her plans all throughout the traditional Ivie Dance.

The Social Part 1

Episode 102 - The Ivies

As tensions grow between Paige and Carrie as they compete for a spot in The Ivies. Paige convinces Cameron to be her date to the most extravagant party of the year: The Ivie Social. The two must keep up the act when they are seated at the same table as Carrie, Serena, Bianca, Veronica, and…

The Initiation

Episode 101 - The Ivies

Paige Turner, an awkward and nerdy journalism major, decides to go undercover and join her school’s most poisonous all-girls honor society: The Ivies. Paige enlists the help of her best friend and student council president Cameron, to teach her the ways of dressing and acting the part of an Ivie, and hopefully dig up some…

When Paige, a quirky journalism student, decides to infiltrate The Ivies, a popular all-girls honor society, she bites off more than she can chew. With the help of her friends, she must navigate the world of collegiate honor societies and prove she can pass the 3 Ivie Pillars: intellect, beauty and poise. When she learns a dark secret about the group she is torn between the promise of popularity, her moral compass, and the trust of her friends.

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