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Morally Conscious Officer

Episode 103 - Streets Ahead

Michael and Kenny enlist the help of Kaylee in the search for Babyface and David, while Noah realizes that Kaylee is getting suspicious.  Babyface loses a close friend, and realizes even more that a life of crime might not be for him.  And when it comes time for the final showdown with the Cortland Crew,…

Streets Behind

Episode 102 - Streets Ahead

The hunt for Babyface and Davis is on, and Michael and his partner Kenny Escobar are getting frustrated with the lack of evidence. Meanwhile, David and his cronies Ground Pound and Tevye Abrams stockpile weaponry for the coming showdown with the Cortland Crew. Also, Babyface meets Courtney Wells, and contemplates changing his ways.

Series Premiere

Episode 101 - Streets Ahead

Four years after he escaped from jail, Babyface Perez is a successful drug dealer.  Suddenly, David Jackson, former inmate and cohort of Babyface’s, returns to town newly minted as Rabbi Da’Veed and causes a stir. His return also means trouble for Detective Michael O’Reilly, former police officer Kaylee Underkofler, and Kaylee’s boyfriend Noah Matthews, who…

A crime dramedy following the lives of characters from the show ICPD. Convict David joins BabyFace as Detective O’Reilly tracks them to make Ithaca’s streets safe again.

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