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Don’t Rain On My Parade

Episode 103 - Staged

Bridget learns some surprising news, leaving the show in shambles. She decides to cancel the show and forgets about getting back into the program. Her friends attempt to convince Bridget that the show must go on…


Episode 102 - Staged

Bridget kindles her relationship with Blake Daniels, a down-to-earth college student who has a knack for music. After meeting, they collaborate on Bridget’s musical. Several mishaps during rehearsals lead Bridget to figure out who her real friends are.

Funny Girl

Episode 101 - Staged

Bridget Morgan, a burnt out college theater student, learns she is on probation and may not graduate from her program. She must write, compose and direct a musical in order to prove her dedication to the craft. Knowing she can’t write music, Bridget turns to her friends for help.

Directed by Andrew Ronald & Julie Sullivan, “Staged” follows the story of Bridget Morgan, a burnt-out college senior who gets hits with a surprise – she may be discontinued from the theater program.

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