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The Other Meerkat

Episode 105 - Prerequisites

Isaac gets a job as the school mascot, Anna and Miles have some third-wheeling issues, and Mrs. Fishberger checks in on her son.

Trust Fall

Episode 104 - Prerequisites

The Anna situation is resolved, Miles tries to make up with Isaac, and we get a glimpse into how each gender prepares for a date.


Episode 102 - Prerequisites

The roommates check out their first on-campus club, Isaac buys a fake ID, and Anna tries to get a spot on the staff of the Athaci times.


Episode 101 - Prerequisites

A campus tour takes a turn for the worse, the roommates meet for the first time, and Isaac realizes just how difficult college really is.

Welcome to Athaci University, home of the Golden Meerkats. Follow three freshman as they grow, fill their heads with knowledge, and mature into responsible adults. Or not. Poor decisions, bad grades, and relationship trouble: this is your freshman year.

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