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Series Premiere

Episode 101 - Poutine on the Fritz

Everything seems to go awry at Chestnut Grove High when Piper, Dirk, Mackenzie, Nirchi, and Autumn’s history teacher, Mr. Collins, is forcibly removed from class.

Episode 2

Episode 102 - Poutine on the Fritz

On the rather hormonal eve of Chestnut Grove’s Winter Formal, our heroes discover that this nuclear butthole of a situation hits a bit closer to home.

Series Finale

Episode 103 - Poutine on the Fritz

S#!% gets real and things get cray as our heroes are faced with the pressuring task of not only saving America, but also confronting their teenage feelings for each other.

Canadian sleeper agents have been embedded in an American High School and its up to Piper Quinn to stop these ne’er-do-wells from the North.

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