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Tournament of Champions

Episode 807 - Pop Quiz

In the Season Finale six of our best contestants compete to see who is truly worthy of receiving the Pop Culture Crown!

Senior Night

Episode 806 - Pop Quiz

This week’s episode takes three graduating Seniors; Steven, Zack, and Jenn and make them battle it out to see who is worthy of the Pop Culture Crown. Special Games include Five Word Movie Descriptions and Minimalist Movie Posters.

British Invasion

Episode 805 - Pop Quiz

In this British Themed Episode Aimee, Kaitlyn, and Kellsey go head to head to see who is worthy of being crowned Queen of British Pop Culture. Special Games include “Tunes from the Telly” and “The British are Coming”

Episode 804

Episode 804 - Pop Quiz

Rebeca, Chris, and Kaitlyn battle it out for the crown of Pop Culture knowlage. Special games include Anim8ed and Trapped in a Closet

Disney Edition

Episode 803 - Pop Quiz

Izzy, Mike, and Haley put their Disney knowledge to the test in this week’s episode to see who will be crowned King or Queen of Pop Culture. Special games include Paul is Dead and This is Offensive

Episode 802

Episode 802 - Pop Quiz

This week on Pop Quiz Mike, Rachel, and Coleb compete to see who will become the King/Queen of Pop Culture. Special games this week include Secret Identities and Para-day Night Live

Pop Quiz is ICTV’s number one pop culture game show that puts three contestants’ knowledge to the test. Featuring a variety of games, this show will determine who is the true king or queen of all media.

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