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Adam LaRoche and Pop Warner

Episode - Off The Field

Meghan and panelists Simon Rosenbluth and Riley Ludwig discuss Adam LaRoche’s retirement and Pop Warner being sued over a possible instance of CTE.

Kevin Kiley, Zika, and the Rio Olympics

Episode - Off The Field

Meghan and panelists Madeline Mathers and Anthony Spina discuss Kevin Kiley’s comments about the Buffalo Bill’s female coach, Kathryn Smith. They also discuss the Zika virus and its possible impact on this summer’s Rio Olympics.

The Power of Protests: Missouri and Ithaca

Episode - Off The Field

In this episode, we discuss the impact Missouri football players had on the resignation of the university’s president and chancellor. We also compare protests on that campus to protests at Ithaca College. Panelists this week are Elijah Breton and Eddy Tapia, two Sport Studies students at Ithaca College.

Lamar Odom, Controversy, Violence, and the NFL…

Episode - Off The Field

Meghan talks with panelists Alex Barth and Madeline Lester about the news surrounding Lamar Odom’s drug addiction. Plus the controversy in Louisville with their men’s basketball team and the domestic violence stint involving Browns Quarterback Johnny Manziel and his girlfriend. Was he in the wrong? Finally, is the NFL putting too much of a fine…

Domestic Violence, Louisville, and Rivalries…

Episode - Off The Field

On this episode of Off the Field, we discuss domestic violence in the world of sport and the implications that it has on players, teams, and families. The scandal in Louisville is analyzed for its importance in college basketball and we ask the question, do rivalries go too far?

September 30, 2015

Episode - Off The Field

In the first episode of Off the Field with Meghan Graham and panelists KJ Hammond and Madeline Lester join the discussion about Blackhawks’ star Patrick Kane and the rape investigation he is involved in. Why are professional athletes forgiven and glorified after committing heinous crimes? Also on the show, Notre Dame’s defensive tackle was benched…

Off the Field Lifting the rug.

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