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Episode 106 - Loose Cannons

When Sue lands in the hospital due to her peanut allergy, she suspects Matt and Taylor of purposefully poisoning her. They must work to prove their innocence to a nasty lawyer, or face the possibility of being fired.


Episode 105 - Loose Cannons

Chief dispatches Taylor and Matt to the communications school to break up a Dodgeball game that’s gotten out of hand between Television and Radio students. They end up becoming involved in a war they barely understand.

The Rat

Episode 104 - Loose Cannons

Taylor and Matt overhear Chief talking about a possible rat in the department. Captured by a documentary crew, a day of suspicion and deception unfolds as both Matt and Taylor work to figure out who the rat is.

Worm Murder

Episode 103 - Loose Cannons

Matt accidentally steps on a worm in front of a group of protesters and ends up at the center of a campus-wide debate about worm rights spanning from the campus TV station to a judiciary court hearing.

War on Drugs

Episode 102 - Loose Cannons

While locking up the library, Taylor and Matt witness a drug deal, which leads to an investigation into a new drug ring on campus. They end up having to resort to drastic measures to unveil the ultimate kingpin.


Episode 101 - Loose Cannons

In this first episode, Taylor and Matt celebrate the anniversary of their first shift together. The gang reminisces about the shift and an unfortunate incident involving a theater, a crowd, and a fire.

Two endearing, goofball cops solve crimes nobody else can.

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