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Episode 104 - Leave The Light On with Dave

Rob Derin fills Dave in on the latest trends, Mikey Heller talks to fans at Cortaca, and Dave and Serious Sam both talk to Jason Waterman, president of the Humans vs. Zombies Club. Niko Athansatos & Josh Edrich perform an original song.


Episode 103 - Leave The Light On with Dave

Dave reads some leaked emails, gets a visit from a former flame, and chats it up with the guys from Hold That Thought. IC Voicestream performs.


Episode 102 - Leave The Light On with Dave

Dave takes a look inside the writers’ meetings, plays the Bald & the Beautiful with some audience members, and sits down to talk break dancing with IC Breakers’ President, Kody Crawford. Samuel B. Lupowitz and the Kosher Avengers perform.


Episode 101 - Leave The Light On with Dave

Dave shares some Hallmark Rejects, talks apples with Chris Appleton, and hangs out with Ellis Williams and his boombox. Danny Gendron performs a song with his ukulele.

Hosted by Dave Karam, Leave the Light On features topical monologues, exciting interviews, and talented musical acts.

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