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Episode 103

Episode 103 - Ithapocalypse

A few remaining survivors battle for their lives in the exciting series finale of Ithapocalypse! Will the band of students find a way off campus? Will they be quarantined? Will the living dead finally nom their brains? Find out now!

Episode 102

Episode 102 - Ithapocalypse

The drama continues as a motley crew of students fight for their lives against the living dead. Stryker leads the group fearlessly forward, but one of the group members isn’t so lucky. Watch Ithapocalypse to find out more!

Episode 101

Episode 101 - Ithapocalypse

After a zombie virus strikes campus, Ithapocalypse follows a small group of students attempting to stay alive and get off the quarantined campus. Will they make it? Watch the exciting series premiere to find out!

After a science experiment gone wrong, Ithaca College has created a scenario feared by many: the Zombie Apocalypse.

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