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Camping Gone Bad

Episode 103 - ICIU

Olive, Dylan, and Madeline need to have some time together as students and friends. Olive plans a surprise camping trip, but the three can’t seem to take a night off from investigations.

Blue Light Mystery

Episode 102 - ICIU

Ithaca College isn’t exactly known for its great wireless internet, but just how far will students go to make it better? CIS worker Anthony Demotte, will become a victim of a burial attach. It is up to the IC-IU to find out who did it.

Double Stars

Episode 101 - ICIU

From streakers to bomb threats professor Garrett Webster head investigator of the Ithaca College – Investigation Unit has his hands full. During the investigation of these cases Garrett finds himself excepting a student intern team.

The student-run investigations unit at Ithaca College sets out to solve the crimes that strike the college every day and bring criminals to justice.

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