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The Cake

Episode 104 - Follow The Rabbit

In the early hours of the morning, Alice is dragged out of bed by a knocking at her door. Upon answering, she’s bagged, and forced to go to a party she doesn’t quite understand.

The Book

Episode 103 - Follow The Rabbit

The feud between Alice and Maddi has reached its boiling point, forcing the members of the White Rabbit to put their heads together on a plan that will force the two to reconcile.

The Clocks

Episode 102 - Follow The Rabbit

Although Alice is unhappy with her new position as a member of the White Rabbit, the crew is determined to make her feel at ease in the only way they know how. Too bad Alice is equally fixed on resisting their attempts.

The Rose

Episode 101 - Follow The Rabbit

College freshman, Alice Carroll, attempts to join the prestigious staff of her favorite college magazine, The Jabberwocky. Her plan backfires and she’s kicked out and into the arms of one Charlie Chez, who’s determined to convince her to join his infamous magazine, the White Rabbit.

Alice faces not Wonderland, but the equally absurd college world, where she fights to transform a down-and-out magazine into an award-winning masterpiece.

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