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Affirmative Action and Animal Testing

Episode 609 - Experts Say

This week, our analysts debate the effectiveness of affirmative action, the impacts of the Internet on democracy, the morality of animal testing, and whether or not to force students to wear uniforms in school.

Israel and Afghanistan

Episode 606 - Experts Say

Our panelists discuss President Obama’s recent trip to Israel, CPAC and the future of the Republican Party, U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, and local impacts of the New York SAFE Act.

Peace Prize and the President

Episode 605 - Experts Say

Nobel Peace Price winners urge President Obama to regulate the arms trade. Our contributors weigh in. Plus, Hugo Chavez dies and we discuss impacts.

The Sequester and Syria

Episode 604 - Experts Say

The sequester takes affect and our team of experts talks about short-term impacts. Plus, the Supreme Court prepares to rule on Prop 8. We have an interview with a gay rights activist. And, our panel debates whether the U.S. should send aid to Syrian rebels.

Democracy Now

Episode 603 - Experts Say

“Democracy Now” host Juan Gonzalez sits down with Stephen Burke for an exclusive interview. Then, our panel debates immigration policy, the looming sequester, and the issues surrounding the UK credit downgrade.

State of the Union

Episode 602 - Experts Say

Our Analysts tackle the State of the Union Address, looking at Obama’s plans to raise minimum wage, withdraw troops from Afghanistan and make immigration reforms.

Elections and Economics

Episode 506 - Experts Say

As hurricane Sandy hits Ithaca, our contributors discuss the upcoming election, genetically modified food, giving prisoners in UK the right to vote, as well as economic assistance to third world countries.

Every week our panel of contributors discusses current events and public issues. Local public figures, faculty, and students also make special appearances to discuss national, international, and local political topics.

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