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E16 Switch Cast

Episode 1809 - Entertainment 16

On this very special episode, our cast and crew switch positions to bring you all the latest in gossip, fashion and much more!

The Series Finale!

Episode 1808 - Entertainment 16

This is the very last episode of Entertainment 16 ever! We have the latest with the Charlie Sheen, Emojis in the dictionary and a montage of all the E16’s from the last 18 seasons!


Episode 1805 - Entertainment 16

On this episode, Sponge Bob, Patrick and the rest of our cast tells us about costume ideas, Dance Moms drama and much more!

Trends, blends and friends

Episode 1804 - Entertainment 16

Find out what celeb doesn’t have to hide her baby bump, while another might be facing charges due to hiding money. Some people just can’t hide from the drama. On the other hand, Empire is a drama tv series on fox that might be giving the Kardashian’s and their drama a run for their money….

Season 18 Premiere!

Episode 1801 - Entertainment 16

Our brand new cast shares do’s and don’ts for fall fashion, the dangers of selfies and what movies to see this weekend.


Episode 1709 - Entertainment 16

For our last episode of the season, our cast say their goodbyes as well as Aaron Hernandez to his loved ones. Not only that, but Pink says goodbye to her haters and of course many people try to say goodbye to Bieber. Find out all that, and much much more.

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