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The Game

Episode 103 - Dropouts

As Jamie prepares for her mysterious party, CT struggles to come to terms with Del’s new boyfriend. Peter finds a way to bring the group back together once and for all.

The Struggle

Episode 102 - Dropouts

Del and CT are strapped for cash and try odd jobs to make ends meet before finding a perfect solution. Meanwhile, Peter tries to make new friends at school. A new man enters Del’s life, disturbing the delicate balance of the household.

The Drop

Episode 101 - Dropouts

Two friends entering their senior year of college decide to drop out of school, much to their roommates’ dismay. Meet CT, Del, Peter and Jamie as they tackle the weirdness of adult life.

When a few friends drop out of college, they learn that their decision changes more than just their career paths. They’ll learn how to navigate relationships, work, and their aspirations.

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