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Down With ASP: Not Live With Lisa and Lily

Episode 1107 - Down With ASP

Down with ASP presents great musical performances, and insights to the music world, from Chris Carpenter and The Danbee’s on Not Live with Lisa and Lily, a “Late Night” style show hosted by two pretty funny girls.

Down With ASP: Musically

Episode 1105 - Down With ASP

We have two musical guests; The Erik Caron Connection and Riley Goodemote & Aidan Boardman on the show, each playing two songs and doing a short interview.

Down With ASP: Cupid’s Corner

Episode 1102 - Down With ASP

Join Andrew as he gives advice and tips on how to make your Valentine’s Day extra special including how to make sugar cookies, homemade cards, and the ultimate gift basket.

Down with ASP airs student projects from Advanced Studio Production under the direction of Peter Johanns. Each episode will feature a different theme with demonstration programs, game shows, musical performances, special interviews, and more!

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