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Leather-Studded Kisses

Episode 104 - Couples Clash

Keep yourself glued to your screen as two brand new (and legitimately dating) couples test their lyrical prowess in a new came called “Sing To Me!”

Is Telepathy Cheating?

Episode 103 - Couples Clash

Contestants put their charades skills to the test in another XX-XY match-up. That’s boys versus girls for all you non-nerds out there!

Colors Do Exist

Episode 102 - Couples Clash

This week two teams of best friends lock horns in the battle for couple supremacy. It’s like Gladiator but with less Russell Crowe.

Series Premiere

Episode 101 - Couples Clash

Host Alex Kelly kicks off our first season pitting a pair of male best friends against a pair of lady best friends. Which BFFs know each other better? Check it out!

Each week two teams of two will put their friendships and relationships to the test through knowledge-based and physical challenges as they battle it out for the grand prize!

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