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See You Soon, Poptart

Episode 206 - Couples Clash

The anchors from Newswatch Tuesday team up to attempt to outscore an adorable sophomore couple as the teams try to identify the better halves of famous pairs.

Low on Wizard Jokes

Episode 205 - Couples Clash

The well of Potter puns begins to run dry as Jimmy brings back an old favorite, Cast A Spell, as two sets of roommates who live across the hall lock horns.

Superhero Halloween

Episode 204 - Couples Clash

Jimmy the Jedi mediates as he pulls four superheroes straight from the pages of your favorite comic books to fight evil and each other on our Halloween special.

Air Hockey Hustlers

Episode 203 - Couples Clash

Two guy-girl teams come to compete in a set of tricky word games, but who will prevail: the “just friends” red team or the romantic blue team?

Oh, Snap!

Episode 202 - Couples Clash

A pair of female roommates challenges a pair of male roommates in a karaoke lyrics contest, and Jimmy introduces a brand new game based on the popular app, Snapchat.

We Do Love Boats

Episode 201 - Couples Clash

There’s a new sheriff in town as Jimmy Doyle kicks off the new season by welcoming two senior best friends to take on an excitable freshman couple.

The Final Slice of Pizza

Episode 108 - Couples Clash

In our last episode of the regular season, we have some heavy girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-game show host action as two pairs of female BFFs crank up the tunes in a tricky lyrics challenge.

Couple Fraud Is Afoot

Episode 107 - Couples Clash

In order to be a great couple, you have to know great couples. This week, we test the teams’ pop culture knowledge and miming skills.


Episode 106 - Couples Clash

Two new couples test their wordplay abilities as we bring back Sneaky Word and introduce a fresh spelling game called Cast a Spell!

Each week two teams of two will put their friendships and relationships to the test through knowledge-based and physical challenges as they battle it out for the grand prize!

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