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Me & Mr. Jones

Episode 103 - Chained

It seems as though things have calmed down for Valerie and Oliver. That is until Valerie’s has to face her past. Can Valerie move on from the past, or will her past move on without her?

Back to Black

Episode 102 - Chained

Oliver and Valerie are back at it again in their quest to help ghosts move on. They tread uncharted territory when a ghost appears to be chained to another person. However, things get further complicated when an old good deed comes back to haunt him.


Episode 101 - Chained

Oliver, a seemingly normal college student has an exceptional gift: he can see ghosts. After bring pursued by a persistent ghost, Valerie, Oliver agrees to help a chained ghost, Walter. Walter wants give an important family heirloom to his granddaughter. However, things get a little complicated when that heirloom disappears.

Oliver Jones, a student who sees the dead, helps earthbound ghosts see the light with the help of Valerie Harris, a spirit dedicated to helping others.

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