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Random Assortment & Farewell

Episode 209 - SE16

The SE16 crew bids goodbye for the semester, as they pick their final RF, pick on Salty a little bit, and reflect on everything that has happened on the podcast the last 3 semesters.

NHL Preview and more!

Episode 208 - SE16

The team is back for their second to last episode to discuss the Stanley Cup Playoffs, pick who they want at CF for their alien baseball game, and more!

Baseball and Final 4 Preview

Episode 207 - SE16

The trio returns to dive into MLB to preview the upcoming season and give our predictions. The alien baseball game continues and we take a pit stop at Kempner’s Korner.

Shortstop, NCAA Tournament, and more bets!

Episode 206 - SE16

We decide who our shortstop is to battle the aliens, breakdown the NCAA Tournament, and Salty still hasn’t had enough with making bets! Also, Kempner’s Korner returns.

Aliens, What’s Going on and Kempner’s Korner

Episode 205 - SE16

We do the usual aliens vs humans baseball game, talk about the NFL Trade Deadline and introduce a new segment: Kempner’s Korner. Don’t want to miss this show as it is our last until after Spring Break!

Lose a Host, Add a Host

Episode 204 - SE16

Matt couldn’t make it, so we fill his spot with someone making their on-air debut. We talk about our 2B picks, current events in sports and return with a top 5. Don’t miss this episode, as it will be sure to split your sides with laughter (Yes, One Direction make an appearance in this episode).

Dunk Contest and Aliens

Episode 203 - SE16

The team digresses all-star weekend in the NBA while continuing their Aliens vs The World baseball segment. Be sure to listen and tweet us your picks @se16podcast!

Outrageous Fun

Episode 202 - SE16

Matt, Steve, and Jonah sit down to discuss their catcher with the alien game when they receive a call from a former Bomber. They also take a look at what is happening in the world of sports while Salty battles some sort of illness.

Kevin Burkhardt, Reflection, & A New Game!

Episode 201 - SE16

We’re back! After going off the air for winter break, we return for the spring semester pack loaded with great ideas and fun. We preview one of those ideas, pairing it up with social media. Please be sure to tweet us your responses! Also, we are joined by FOX NFL play-by-play man Kevin Burkhardt.

Matt Norlander and College Hoops

Episode 108 - SE16

Salty Steve left Jonah and Matt to host the show, so they called in College Basketball Matt Norlander to chat about college hoops and get his thoughts and predictions. After, Jonah and Matt give their two-cents on the already bustling NCAA men’s season!

SE16 is a podcast that looks at sports and current events through a lens of humor and fun. Feel like you’re in a casual dorm room conversation with Jonah, Matt, and Steve, as they dive into the world of sports and entertainment weekly.

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