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Check out your favorite past ICTV shows below for a list of all of their episodes!

Note: Not all episodes are available for viewing yet, but more are being added every day!

After accidentally being transported to 1997, Charlie Wheeler must find his way back to 2011.

The Boy Band
A college student has the chance to inherit his rock star father’s fortune if he forms a chart topping boy band. Plenty of hilarity, drama and chaos ensue.

Boys of 213
Three freshmen roommates fight to overcome animosity, love, and a lack of privacy when a computer glitch forces them to live together in a small double dorm room.

The BS Detectives
B.S. Detectives is an action-packed comedy following the adventures of four on-campus detectives: Kaitlin, a hard-nosed psych major; Brax, a muscle-bound PT major; Stephen, an undercover expert who’s in the theater school and proud of it; and Lin Woo, a handi-capable computer expert.

College Gourmet
Wanna learn how to make delicious meals with a college budget? Don’t worry; we are here to help you out.

College Kids
A group of friends attempt to raise a baby at a liberal arts college while discovering the importance of love and friendship–with historical figures–along the way!

Couples Clash
Each week two teams of two will put their friendships and relationships to the test through knowledge-based and physical challenges as they battle it out for the grand prize!

Dance On Friday
School is nothing but the time we waste between Dances. Dance on Friday is a 10 episode mini-drama about the school’s six coolest kids and how music’s greatest gift to junior high impacts their lives.

Dual Redundancy
The podcast turned ICTV show where you can find out all the latest in TV and entertainment news by two hosts with exactly the same opinions!

Every Ithacan Has A Story
We select IC students and faculty at random to uncover their stories, revealing that every Ithacan does have a story.

Following Serling
After stumbling upon the abandoned office of Rod Serling, three students uncover secrets that lead them on a time-hopping journey where the future of our world is at stake.

‘Freshmen’ follows Harvey, a junior orientation leader who is forced to reflect upon his first year of college when questioned about it by incoming freshmen.

IC Everywhere
With the use of hidden cameras, we capture actors in every day environments performing seemingly spontaneous acts of shenanigans. This campus wide version of “Improv Everywhere” is sure to have you entertained.

The student-run investigations unit at Ithaca College sets out to solve the crimes that strike the college every day and bring criminals to justice.

Four officers with conflicting personalities work for the Ithaca College Police Department and attempt to work together to keep the campus safe.

Ithaca Eats
A cooking web series with a host whipping up a dish in the studio, a feature of local events, and a special guest with “food-pointers”.

An exciting spin off of IC Everywhere, focusing on the talent behind the talent. You’ll see the schemes from start to finish as we show you how its done!

Leave The Light On With Dave!
Hosted by Dave Karam, Leave the Light On features topical monologues, exciting interviews, and talented musical acts.

Live on Tape
Keith Hannon hosts a late night show like you’ve never seen before. It ridiculous, irreverent, and filled with special guest appearances.

Over The Hills and Far Away
When the best of friends fall on hard times, they throw one of the most superb parties for not only the women, but for the glory.

“Explore your surroundings” to gain a full experience of what Ithaca and Tompkins County is all about with Panorama!

Poutine On The Fritz
Canadian sleeper agents have been embedded in an American High School and its up to Piper Quinn to stop these ne’er-do-wells from the North.

Prim and Proper
A dramedy following the lives of three strong, sex-crazed college women transitioning into adulthood. As naive as they are, they each help one another grow as individuals.

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One
A documentary webseries covering the wide range of comedy at Ithaca College. From stand up, to improv and everything in between.

Streets Ahead
A crime dramedy following the lives of characters from the show ICPD. Convict David joins BabyFace as Detective O’Reilly tracks them to make Ithaca’s streets safe again.

ICTV’s reality competition show that puts 8 contestants against each other to figure out whodunit.

An uproarious comedy that chronicles the misadventures of a local gym teacher on his quest to become the next home-fitness video sensation.

The Race
The Race is a reality show that follows teams of two in a race across New York State! Along the way, contestants must complete challenges and navigate through New York’s most scenic locales, while facing cutthroat competition from other teams.

The Screening Room: Director’s Corner
We show off the great work done within the Park School by featuring a variety of student productions and interviewing the filmmakers behind them.

To A Pulp
The student newspaper at Kings Grove College always gets done, but don’t ask how. To A Pulp follows the lives of the 10 Daily Pulp staffers on their adventures to meet the deadlines.

Special Programming

Mayoral Debate: Democratic Primaries 2011
ICTV and WICB special presentation of a debate with the three 2011 Democratic mayoral candidates – J.R. Claireborne, Pam Mackesey, and Svante Myrick.