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Miles Gombosi

Miles Gombosi

Where is he from?

  • Buckingham, PA
  • What is his favorite kitchen utensil?

  • There are so many to choose!
  • Who is he?

  • Miles is a senior studying Television Radio with a Media Production concentration¬†and a Recreation minor. After graduating, Miles would like to become a Technical Director. Miles is also an Eagle Scout and enjoys camping.

  • What does the Director of Technical Operations do?

    The Director of Technical Operations acts generally as a resource to members of the ICTV community regarding all technical-related matters.

    Essential Duties:

    • Work with the Digital Media Manager in designing and maintaining technical policies and workflows for producers to follow
    • Act as resource to all staff members at the station, providing technical guidance and training, as necessary
    • Work with producers and Director of Programming and Operations in scheduling ICTV studio show space
    • Act as a resource to all staff members at the station providing technical guidance and training
    • Ensure that the technical documents on the ICTV resource webpage are relevant up to date by working with the Director of Web Development
    • Coordinate the equipment access requests of producers with the Station Manager and Manager of Facilities and Portable Equipment
    • Serve as member of the ICTV executive staff: participate in meetings, discussions, duties, and decisions of the executive staff

    Associate Director of Technical Operations

    Miles Gombosi

    Essential Duties:

    • Ensure station has programming files transferred for the entire week
    • Work with the Director of Programming, Digital Media Manage, master control supervisor, as well as assisting the director of technical operations.
    • Make sure all computers and servers that ICTV uses are clean
    • Talk directly with Park engineers and Master Control Technicians
    • Look for technology that can upgrade the station and appearance
    • Make sure all content follows naming conventions for air
    • Manage Associated Press ENPS for producers and content feeds